Experience Days

All invites will become valid for use again on the 28th August 2020

When you purchase an experience day you will receive an 'invite'. You can then redeem this at your convenience on available days. You can also buy and book bird of prey experiences at the same time.


All days are subject to T&C's, timings are approximate.

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Bird of Prey Experience

This is a fascinating session where you will see many species up close and you will learn about these top predators. The day includes birds resting on your glove and more flying down to your fist plus a photo to take away. Invites are valid for 6 months. 

Itinerary: 10am start (& 2pm in summer)


• Half hour tour

• Half hour owl talk

• 45 minutes handling birds

• 1 hour flying demonstration & participation

or £60 for two


Private Day   for 2

This is a private experience where you will be alone with us and the birds for the day. You get a personal tour and get to see behind the scenes. You will handle a selection of birds, partake in a 2 hour flying demonstration and within reason & availability be able to request certain birds. A photo to take away is provided & a  ploughman's lunch is provided during the day. Although designed for two, you can bring additional participants if you wish. Invites are valid for 1 year. 

Due to Covid-19 we have no toilet facilities available and lunch is provided off site - where there are toilets.

Itinerary: 10am start 


• Half hour tour

• Half hour owl talk

• 1 hour handling birds

• 1 hour behind the scenes

• 2 hours flying demonstration & participation

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Hawking Experience

This experience will see you out with a couple of our birds in local countryside looking at hunting techniques with the potential to catch prey. You will have these birds fly to your fist & get a photo to take away. You must be able to navigate ditches & fields to participate on this day which only runs from 1st Oct to 28/9th Feb. Invites are valid for 2 years. 

Itinerary: 8am start

• 3 hours flying birds out in the fields

• return for more handling/flying 

• depart for a pub/farmshop lunch


Owl Evenings

magical opportunity to witness owls flying in a natural setting. Our trees and arena will be softly lit where you will be able to marvel at the science and ability of our team of owls. You will get the opportunity to have one of the owls fly down to your glove. These days must be individually booked, no open invites are provided but we can supply one if presenting as gifts.

Itinerary: start depends on dusk

• half hour owl talk

• 1 hour watching owls flying

• marshmallow toasting and hot drinks half way through the night

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We do not have any toilet facilities.

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