Demonstrations at game & counrty fairs, festivals, fetes & more

We are a fully mobile team of demonstration falconers based on the Cambridgeshire / Norfolk boarder. We attend everything from large Game and Country Fairs to small intimate garden parties. Whatever the venue or occasion we always strive to show many different styles of flight from gliding through to hovering. We offer the opportunity to get up close and personal with some of nature's best designed predators. Along with some superb opportunities for photography there is much to learn about birds of prey - everything about them has been evolved for a reason and allows them to maintain their status as a top predator.


Being at the top of the food chain does not prevent these beautiful birds from being vulnerable to changes in their environment and to human activities. They may be supremely skilled but they also face enormous challenges every day. We have provided falconry demonstrations at some of the top outdoor events in the area as well as smaller​ and charitable events. Below are some of the common questions we get asked about our demonstrations, ​but please contact us for further information or to check our availability.

Robin Hood Country Fair, Essex - 5th & 6th May 

Wimpole History Festival - 20th to the 23rd June


Dacorum Steam Rally - 27th & 28th July

Hylands Park Country Fair - 21st & 22nd September

Plus many one day events and village fetes in between.

What will we see?


​​You will see a variety of birds of prey on our stand. We have both native and more exotic types of falcons, hawks, buzzards as well as the odd owl and eagle. You will have the opportunity to handle some of these birds after the demonstration, which we are sure will capture your attention immediately. During the flying demonstrations there are no gimmicks or tricks, we fly our birds in whichever style they prefer and aim to show off their best skills and abilities.

We will set up a static stand to be at the event all day and will be on hand to talk to anyone with questions throughout the day. There will be a shelter and camouflage netting to surround the birds, keeping them nice and safe. We will also put up and have to​ offer information signs and leaflets.


How far do you travel?


​We present demonstrations throughout the UK however, our main locations are Norfolk, Cambridgeshire and Suffolk.


What if the weather is bad?


Most of our birds are able to fly in moderate rain without too much trouble as we provide shelter for them on the static stand so, when the demonstration time comes around they are still dry. We will be out there flying if your brave enough to watch! If the weather is really bad or windy then we might not be able to fly but we will still be there with the static stand - here you can ask as many questions as you want, handle some of the birds and get some fantastic close up photographic opportunities.


What sort of flying will there be?


There are many different ways to fly birds of prey, all centering around trust and food. At demonstrations we fly falcons to the swung lure as well as to a lure suspended from a kite. Our kestrels also fly to a lure but their style of hunting the lure is to hover so that's what they do - rather expertly I might add. Our broadwings (that's buzzards, eagles, kites and vultures) usually fly low on posts and trees gliding down to the glove for food, however on a good day with the right conditions they are able to get some height and show off a bit by soaring. ​Finally, our owls do what owls do best, fly low and quiet - other than the occasional scream or cheep (they are hand reared after all).


How do we book?


You will need to email us here - or call us so we can find out details of the event for which we can give you a quotation. Please do book as early as possible.

We have a dedicated team which always maintain their enthusiasm to create a wonderful time for any private functions. we have over the years attended Stag and Hen Mornings, Birthday Parties for almost any age, Wedding Receptions, Family Gatherings/Occasions and much more.



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Unfortunatly due to our location and setup we do not have any disable toilet facilities.

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