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We attend everything from large Game and Country Fairs to small intimate garden parties.


Whatever the venue or occasion we always strive to show different styles of flight from gliding through to hovering. We offer the opportunity to get up close and personal with some of nature's best designed predators. Along with some superb opportunities for photography there is much to learn about birds of prey - everything about them has been evolved for a reason and allows them to maintain their status as a top predator.


Below are some of the common questions we get asked about our demonstrations, ​but please contact us for further information or to check our availability.

What will we see?

You will see a variety of birds of prey on our stand. We have both native and more exotic types of falcons, hawks, buzzards as well as the odd owl and eagle. 


These birds will be on the static stand through the event and we are sure will capture your attention immediately. 

We will bring a marquee for shelter and camouflage netting as a barrier. The birds will be set down on perches with a bath of water & name tags.


We will be on hand throughout the day yo answer questions and let visitors get a close look at the birds. 

How do the birds fly?

There are many different ways to fly birds of prey, all centering around trust and food. At demonstrations you will see gliding, soaring, diving, stooping, hovering and arial catches.


Falcons will chase a lure in excess of 60mph flying out over trees and trade stands. 


Our broadwings (that's buzzards, eagles, kites and vultures) usually fly low on posts and trees gliding down to the glove for food, on a good day with the right conditions they are able to get some height and show off a bit by soaring. ​

Kestrels will hover feet from the audience keeping perfectly still in the air before diving down.

What if the weather is bad?

Most of our birds are able to fly in moderate rain without too much trouble as we provide shelter for them on the static stand so, when the demonstration time comes around they are still dry.


So long as the rain isn't too heavy we will be out there flying if your brave enough to watch! 


If the weather is really bad or windy then we might not be able to fly but we will still be there with the static stand - here you can ask as many questions as you want, handle some of the birds and get some fantastic close up photographic opportunities.

The demonstration

Our demonstrations normally last between 30 and 45 minutes with 3-5 different birds on each.

We provide an entertaining and educational commentary that, along with the birds flying overhead will captivate your audience. 

 The static stand

Our self contained area for the birds to perch out during the day can be from 6, 8 or 14m width and 4m depth depending on the size of event, number of demonstrations or amount of birds requested. 

We boarder with camouflage netting and provide name tags. We will allow visitors to approach the netting and see the birds up close. We will pick up the birds during the day to allow a unique view for visitors. 


For quotes or a discussion please get in touch by telephone on 01945 419 086 or use the email contact form to the right.

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