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Raptor Award in Training & Keeping birds of prey

This course takes a total of 5 days from 9am to 4pm but does not need to be run on consecutive days.

The aim here is to provide some background knowledge regarding the importance of careful maintenance of a bird of prey including signs of ill health & distress, weight management, feeding requirements and legal aspects of ownership. Then this will be put into practice learning correct methods of handling & interacting with birds, restraint, accommodation and hygiene where the majority of the week will be spent outside interacting & learning from the birds themselves.


You will then use this knowledge to formulate achievable goals in the training process. You will be taken step by step through our basic process of training a bird from scratch up to the point of flying them free. Although this course does not profess to provide all the knowledge to train a bird perfectly it will equip you with the knowledge to identify when things are or are not working for the birds and adapt them sufficiently. By attending this course you will also be entitled to open ended advice and guidance in the view to support the training of a bird of prey yourself free of any charge. 

Units covered:

  • C1. Accommodation and Equipment

  • C2. Feeding and nutrition

  • C3. Monitoring and maintaining health

  • C4. Catching, restraining and moving birds of prey

  • C5. Legislation (UK)

  • C6. Falconry furniture and equipment

  • C7. Species characteristics and types

  • C8. Initial training, manning and weight management

  • C9. Free flight

This entire course is £575 per person and you will be taught on a 1 to 1 basis.

Refreshments will be provided and time for lunch which will need to be brought with you.


Raptor Award

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