Sponsoring one of our birds with the owl or diurnal package helps with their feeding (£100 a week!), exercising and providing enrichment for the birds. This in turn means we have fit, bright and naturally behaving birds to promote conservation and education

You will be able to come and hold the bird you sponsor on select days each month as part of your sponsorship. 

For schools, you can sponsor us and in turn make payment towards an educational visit once a year to the school or, use as a discount for a whole day ecology visit to the centre

Businesses that would like to show support for ecological education and conservation can sponsor us and receive discounts for their employees in return. 

Sponsorship members will will be provided with a web ling where you will be able to see dates that are available for your meet and greet sessions with the birds as well as monthly updates for the feathered team. 

If you are purchasing as a gift, get in touch and we can sort this out for you.

Ra (Tawny owl)
Sponsored by Millie & Harry Edwards
Holly & Hurricane (Harris hawks)
Harris hawks
Racka (Laughing kookaburra)
Laughing kookaburra

Sponsored by Amber Vella
Typhoon (Eurasian kestrel)
Eurasian kestrel
Wensleydale (Ural owl)
Ural owl

Sponsored by Auntie Dawn
Red Leicester (Red-tailed buzzard)
Red-tailed buzzard
Stratus (Ferruginous buzzard)
Ferruginous buzzard
Kalamos (Lugger falcon)
Lugger falcon
Chase (Lanner falcon)
Lanner falcon
Monsoon (Black kite)
Black kite
Peregrine falcon
Hail (Barn owl)
Barn owl

Sponsored by;
- Jean Godfrey
- Lynne Parish
Gilbert (Steppe eagle)
Steppe Eagle
Merino (Common buzzard)
Common buzzard
Rambouliette (Spotted eagle owl)
Spotted eagle owl

Sponsored by Amy Bathgate
Rowan (American kestrel)
American kestrel

Sponsored by Dylan Moles
Horus (European eagle owl)
European eagle owl
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Gilbert (Steppe eagle)

Steppe Eagle