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This is a private experience where you will be alone with us and the birds for the day. You get a personal tour and get to see behind the scenes. You will handle a selection of birds, partake in a 2 hour flying demonstration and within reason & availability be able to request certain birds. A photo to take away is provided & a  ploughman's lunch is provided during the day. Although designed for two, you can bring additional participants if you wish. Invites are valid for 1 year. 

Itinerary: 10am start 


• Half hour tour

• Half hour owl talk

• 1 hour handling birds

• 1 hour behind the scenes

• 2 hours flying demonstration & participation


Both participants must attend on the same day.


Due to Covid-19 we have no toilet facilities available and lunch is provided off site - where there are toilets.

Private Day for two

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