TV, Film & Media Production Work

There are a wide range of possibilities when working with birds of prey. We take the time to get to know our birds and they build up a high level of trust with their handlers. We are thus able to pick out some great qualities to express and encourage. From birds posing in trees, circling over fields or flying down to an actors fist we are able to provide well mannered and confident birds for most scenarios and with time can cater for some unique requests.


Our Birds are used to noisy and busy sites and are regularly photographed in flight so we can be sure that this will not put them off when performing their role.  Photography sessions are run as private (2 people) or group (up to 15 people) sessions - details here.

BBC Production - Bespoke film work


Back in the Summer 2016 we attended a film set all day with one of our owls to achieve a scene where some door mice are being chased and have a narrow escape through an open window.


This was achieved in a purpose built aviary where the owl could fly around and behave naturally. The footage of him pouncing on a windowsill was then superimposed on the mouse running over the edge - thus the two creatures never met! We had a 4 mounth period to rehearse for this shot and took around 5 hours to complete along with close up shots and sound.

The production was aired on BBC2 at 19.30 on December 23rd 2016.


Bettany Hughes (left) working with Baintha Brakk a female American Kestrel on ITV's Britains Secret Treasures.


The piece was about a verval discovered near norwich belonging to Prince Henry, a piece to camera was completed with Baintha flying into and out of shot on cue - this took two takes (the first was a mistake by handler not bird!), there was also a discusion on falconry history with one of our experts (below) and then we completed a series of flying shots with some of our hawks.

Close up filming


Ra, at the time a 3 ½ month old Tawny Owl, is pictured opposit and below, getting some close up filming done.

He was flown without any falconry equipment (except a tracking device mounted on his tail and therefore out of sight). This was conducted between 3am and 10am and in all he flew in and out of the tree over 60 times giving the film crew plenty of opportunities to capture the perfect shot.

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