Fens falconry's New development

We are massively excited to unveil our next development to you. We are about to embark on our biggest change since setting up our site in 2013. 

"Biodiversity loss, the destruction of nature, is as grave an issue as climate change"

Sir David Attenborough

Every single on of us has a vital role to play in allowing our planet to survive and recover from the devastation of climate change. Although small, each one of our visitors can make a difference. Multiply that difference by the 7.8 billion people that share this planet with the other 8,699,999 species that we have so far discovered, and it is clear, change will happen.

We are striving to educate as many young and adult minds as possible and so will be building a classroom and welcome centre, brand new bird facilities and educational areas. This will enable us to create a fantastic ecological experience providing tips to homeowners as to how they can create a small patch of their garden that will increase biodiversity. Our educational reach will broaden to have school/college/university groups at the centre covering a variety of topics from pond dipping to pollination with our onsite bee hives. 

Help us to educate & make change happen



We are always in need of tools and supplies from spades to screws and weed barrier to cleaning cloths!

You can check out our Amazon Wish List and send something our way.


We are passionate about supporting small local businesses like ours. Our goal is to complete this development using local trades people. If you know someone who might be able to help, send us their details.


Coronavirus has hit us at a really bad time, just as we are about to embark on a huge project. Unfortunately our running costs don't decrease, the birds need feeding and flying every day and government support is not cutting it. You can donate to our GoFundMe page below.

Experience days

We are always happy to see people on experience days so buy for yourself or gift to a friend! It all helps and we would love to share our knowledge and helpful tips to look after our planet.